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Updated 8/02

Yes, that is really me in the picture above. I started directing at the tender young age of four.
I have slowly been working my way "down the ladder" ever since. Seriously, I have been working in the film and video business for over 20 years, and currently offer my services as a Director of Photography, or D.P. if you like. Contact information can be found near the end of this page. Thanks for visiting.

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"Bob Bats at Shea Stadium"
Ed's Farm Party "Bastille Day", 7/14/01
"The Butter Knife Solution"
"Mercedes JoyRide Movie"

ColorBars For Memory Stick.


Own a Sony PD-150 or VX-2000 or other Memory Stick enabled digital camcorder? Try these "free" JPEG photo files, of "true" Full Field SMPTE ColorBars with Pluge, for proper setting up of your field monitors color and brightness levels. You will find both "0 IRE" and "7.5 IRE" files.

CLICK on ColorBars for download instruction page.

Articles and Reviews

Custom XLR Audio Mic. Cables.

CLICK on the PD-150 photos at left for information regarding this seldom thought about "space saving" accessory!

Yes, that is my bed the Sony is on, but I always kick it out before I go to sleep!

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of this DV "LANC" zoom controller.

"Eat Your Heart Out?"

No, this is not a picture of a new "Diet" patient, but he did eat himself to death. As gross as it may seem, it is actually the work of SPFX Make-Up Artist "Kelly Gleason", for an episode of HBO's TV show called "OZ".

CLICK on the dead body photo to go to "Altered Image Studios", and buy your very own severed head, or give someone special "the finger"!

Bob's Favorite DV Links

Chris Hurd's VX2000 & PD150 Companion, an unofficial underground online information resource for Sony's amazing VX2000 and PD150 digital video camcorders.

Digital Video Web Site, Lots of neat stuff, check out the "NEWS" section for current DV related facts and rumors.

Digital Video Forums, 2-Pop. Choose one of the many forums to get info on DV cameras, editing, etc.

DV Central. This site is devoted to DV & Firewire Issues, very informative.

DV Central: How to join "List". This is where the "Pros Hang", but all are welcome. One of the best places to send and receive DV messages.

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