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Movies are listed in this order, newer ones on top. Starting with "Bob Bats at Shea Stadium", you MUST HAVE QUICKTIME VERSION 5.02 or NEWER on your computer to VIEW the movies. See the NOTE in RED below!

NOTE: The QuickTime movies on this site were compressed with DSL/Cable Modem speeds in mind. Thus, if you are still using a 56k modem your download and therefore viewing speeds will be SLOW. Take the Mercedes "JoyRide" Movie, on this page, for example. A 56k modem downloading at approx. 4.2K/sec. will deliver this movie to your screen in approx. 7 minutes. Using my DSL modem, downloading at approx. 63K/sec., delivers the same movie in 26 seconds. Now you know why people are switching. I am currently paying $50.00/month for this service, but like everything else prices will drop. If you are paying $24.95/month for AOL, dump them and put that money towards DSL or Cable modem service, and you will get all the Internet you can eat.

When you CLICK your mouse on one of the pictures (movie links) below, your QuickTime Plug-in should activate and your browser window now displays a small movie viewer window with the "QuickTime" Logo in the middle of your screen. As soon as the movie is loaded it should begin playing automatically, be patient if you have a slow connection as it will take a little while downloading to your browser before you can view the movie.


*NOTE: If you are having trouble viewing the movies, are a novice, or simply need the free version of Apple's QuickTime, click ON:


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SPIDERMAN II - April 2003


April 2003, finished working on SpiderMan II, directed by Sam Raimi. We shot “1st Unit” principal photography for three weeks in New York City with the same main actors that appeared in the original SpiderMan. The “2nd Unit” has also just about wrapped up their work, which was mostly filming various background plates using the “SpideyCam”, flying camera cable rigs over the streets and buildings. This 180 million dollar production now continues back in L.A., for several more months of shooting, for a 2004 release date. No one was allowed to take photos during the filming which has now become a “standard policy”. I did take some crew photos and created this small QT "SlideShow".

WARNING: The audio track (music by "Jack Black", actor/comedian), is XXX rated with “ADULT LANGUAGE”, make sure the kids are not around or turn off your speaker sound before playing!



"Bob Bats at Shea Stadium"

NOTE: Beginning with this "Video Quickie" you will need to have QUICKTIME version 5.0.2 or later installed on your Mac or Windows computer to view the latest movies!

While working on the new CastleRock film "Two Weeks Notice", starring Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant, I bought Canon's latest digital still camera, the Elph S330. I shot close to 3,000 stills as part of my personal "photo journal". I then created a photo CD consisting of 850 of the best pictures taken over the course of the 13 week production. 200 "photo journal" CD's were produced and given to all cast and crew members at the end of the filming. In May, while shooting a scene at Shea Stadium in New York, I used my still camera to grab some "video", see the techie info description under the "Ed's Farm Party" quickie below.

The only native audio you hear in the movie was recorded by the still camera, I added my own PA announcement using my laptops built-in computer mic. All the rest of the audio sound effects were downloaded off the Internet from FREE audio sites, in .wav format and converted using Peak.

Beginning with this "quickie", I started using a new compression program called "Sorenson Squeeze". It leverages the great new Sorenson 3 codec, which compresses or squeezes the huge video files into tiny movies that can be transferred over the Internet, maintaining good viewing quality. For example, this movie, though only one minute long, was edited in Final Cut Pro 3, and produced a 129 megabyte file, much too large for even DSL or cable modem high speed connections. After compressing, the movie file is now a much more manageable TWO megabytes. That is a huge difference, and the movie still looks quite good.

QuickTime 5.0.2 includes the "decoder" for movies "compressed" with the "Sorenson3" codec, and that is why you NEED it, to view these latest movies. It's FREE, so go download and install it, then come back here for fun, (I have included the Apple QT Link at the bottom of this page), the quality is worth it, and everyone creating QuickTime content on the web is using it, otherwise you won't be able to view any new movies on the Internet!

Ed's Farm Party "Bastille Day" 7/14/01

You may have missed the party, but it is almost like you were there. Besides that, the other reason I put this movie here, was the interesting technology used in capturing the video. Sure, I shoot with big expensive BetaCams, and own DVCam video cameras, but this video was shot exclusively with the new Canon S110, 2 million pixel, digital "STILL" camera. Choosing the 320x240 size, it can shoot 10 second QT clips, one at a time, with "AUDIO". Edited using Final Cut Pro during the party on my G-4 Titanium laptop, the finished 3:32 second uncompressed movie was 1.37 gigs. I then compressed it in a 160x120 window to get the online size to 5.3 megabytes. Rather then be the "guy with the video camera", I had more fun enjoying the party being limited to ten second takes, along with all the still photos I captured using the same camera. The guests that supplied me with their addresses got CD's mailed to them with both the movies and the stills.

Oh, did I mention this camera is the size of a pack of playing cards!

Phone Support "The Butter Knife Solution" Movie

Most of us have friends with computers, some know less then others. I try to help when I can, but the "Butter Knife Solution", was a new one for me. I ended up suggesting that my friends buy a new, inexpensive Windoz computer. Why did I recommend anything other then a Mac, well I have not had any more calls for help, since I don't know Windoz!

TIP: Never try putting a CD or DVD into an "OLD" computers 5.25" disk drive, it may fit, but it will not play or come out for that matter!

Mercedes "JoyRide" Movie

Check out this Mercedes Benz footage you will never see anywhere else! Shot on location in N.Y.C. with my Nikon #990 "digital still" camera in it's 15fps QuickTime Movie mode. The original QuickTime movie file I created was 5.4 megs. and runs 19 seconds. I used Sorenson compression to reduce the file size to 1.5 megs. for faster online viewing. Later I decided to add a sound track and a few more seconds of video and a title, and the file size grew to over 16 megs. and now runs for 23 seconds. Compressing this new version got it down to 1.7 megs.

The actual 35mm short movie was produced for Mercedes dealers only, and stars Sarah Jessica Parker and her "real life", hubby Mathew Broderick going on a blind date. This scene is called "Joyride", as the parking attendants take Sarah's car out for a test spin. Just for fun, I edited using QuickTime 4.0 only.

INSTRUCTIONS: How to use your browser to view and download QuickTime Movies.

The techniques for viewing and downloading a movie are very similar to that of any file. The speed can be affected by many things, including the speed of your computers processor, the modem speed, and server speed you are connected to. Unless you buy a new computer, you are stuck with whatever processor speed you currently have now. You also can't control the speed of the server's system you are connected to. The best thing you can do to improve and enjoy online movie viewing is to get a fast modem and connection to the Internet. If you are still using a 56k modem, many movies on the Internet will load very slowly. Besides file uploading and downloading, and general "surfing", movie viewing is one of the best reasons to get yourself a DSL line or Cable modem. There are some things you can do to minimize viewing problems.

First, try to keep the version of whatever browser you use up to date. Currently, the two most popular "browser" software programs are, Netscape Navigator, and Internet Explorer. Web pages have to be designed with both in mind as identical web pages can appear much different in both browsers. On the Apple Mac, I write my HTML code for Internet Explorer 5.0, and then check to see if it functions in Netscape Navigator 4.08. I mention this because each browser has it's own way of loading and downloading movies. Since the both programs are free it is a good idea to have both available on your system.

In both programs you must have a version of the "QuickTime Plug-In", located in your browsers "plug-in" folder. You have to configure this plug-in in your browser settings, usually in the "Preferences" menu. With this plug-in properly configured, when you click on a movie ".mov" extension, a new browser window should open with the QT "Logo" in the middle or Apple's QuickTime Player application. Depending on the movie's size, it should begin loading in the "Player", otherwise the QT Logo will be replaced by the "Player" when the movie has loaded, just be patient. If the "Player" loads, you will see the progress bar getting larger from left to right within the player window. Some movies are set to play immediately, even though the entire movie is not loaded. This is an internal setting in QuickTime called "AutoPlay", and is an option the creator can turn ON or OFF when saving the edited QuickTime Movie. On the bottom right corner of the QuickTime "Player" window is a button that opens a sub-menu with various options, one of those options is: "Configure QuickTime Plug-In", here you can also select the movies to "AutoPlay", as soon as the "Player Window" opens, if you like. If you wait for the entire movie to load, it will play all the way till the end without pausing. If you are impatient, and start to play it before it fully loads or have "AutoPlay" set to ON, you may have to wait part way through, for more of the movie to load. Once loaded you can play it as many times as you like or download it. In this same configuration menu is an option for "Saving to Cache", you should set this to "ON", so movies are loaded into your RAM, and you can play them back quicker when you want to view them again in the browser. Here is a little trick, if you set the Movies to save to your "Cache", the file will be loaded into that folder as it downloads from the site, and this is true in most cases unless the Movies QT author has turned off this option. So if you want to keep this movie on your computer, you can open up the folder containing this TEMP movie file. On the Mac, I open the "Temporary Files" folder, located in my System Folder/Preferences/Explorer/Temporary. After the QT Movie has loaded in your browser but before you go to another page or site, simply copy the movie file to a permanate folder on your hard drive. Most of these files will disappear from the temp folder when you move to another Internet site. There is a similar cache folder in Netscape's browser. NOTE: I have found that in some cases the "file creator" types of these copied movie files are not "true .mov" files and you will need some kind of "resource editor" to change them so that "double clicking" on them opens your "QuickTime Player". This can be somewhat complicated for the novice, so stick with using the "QT Players Download" button if you want to keep the movie on your computer. I am currently using QuickTime Pro, version 4.0.3. The non-pro version is free from the web site and should play most QuickTime movies and is available for both Mac and Windows as QuickTime is a "cross-platform" program.

After downloading and installing this software check to see if the "Plug-in" was installed in all your browsers "plug-in" folders. You sometimes get the same QuickTime plug-in when you install new versions of the browser software. If movies are not loading online for you, this is the first thing to check for, and also how you have the plug-in configured. There are also settings inside your browser, usually under the "Preferences" menu. In "Internet Explorer" you go to the browser's preference settings and click on "File Helpers". You then see a list ofall the Plug-In's you have enabled in the browser. Scroll down to the one called "QuickTime Movie" and select the one that shows it works with the ".mov" extension. Highlite this one and click on the "change" button. Here is where you will see settings for "Handling", this controls the behavior of your plug-in. I believe the "default" setting is for a "Movie" file to begin downloading when you click on it, rather then loading the "Player" window. Change this to "view with plug-in".

You also have to configure the QuickTime "Control Panel", on the Mac. (I am sure there are similar settings for the Windows platform). Go to your: Control Panel-QuickTime Settings. The most "IMPORTANT" setting for online movie viewing is to set your "CONNECTION SPEED"! When properly matched to your modem speed, the QuickTime Movie file you click online, can read and determine what size file is appropriate for your modem. If you have a 28.8 dial up modem and set the speed in this dialog box for a "T1" connection the movie you will end up downloading will be huge and take forever to view. My DSL modem is capable of 64 KiloByte/sec. downloads, I experimented by setting the connection speed to "T1" and ended up viewing a slow loading 15meg. movie. I then reset my connection speed to the closer match of the "112K Dual ISDN" setting and was able to watch a much quicker version of the same Movie Trailer which was a 7.5meg. movie. So you can see how setting the proper "connection speed" is very important. Programs for the Mac like Media Cleaner Pro and Sorenson Compressin allow QuickTime Movie authors the ability to create several versions of the same movie. When you click on the "movie", the correct size version is chosen for you, but only if you have chosen your "Connection Speed" properly. Some QuickTime Movie sites have different "icons" with modem speeds listed below them to make it easier for you, but do take the time to configure your QuickTime settings in the first place. The Apple server is very fast, so a good place to go first, to check all your settings, is the same place you can download the free version of QuickTime (see link below). The address is: Once there click on the Movie "Trailers" link, and check out the latest Hollywood releases.

Getting back to using QuickTime itself. If you take a little time to read the QuickTime information and help files you will learn what some of the Player's buttons do, or you can just experiment. If a QuickTime movie was created with the option for "downloading" turned ON, in version 4.0 of QT you can press the button on the bottom far right of the player window (described above) and a sub-menu will pop-up with options for saving the movie to your hard drive and other options, try it out.

If none of the options above appear for you, or you do not want to spend to much time configuring your system, both browsers I mentioned above have special mouse commands that many are not familiar with. If you hold the cursor/pointer over the link to a movie or file and hold the left mouse button down, a pop-up menu will appear, right on your browser screen, with options for saving the movie to your hard drive and other options. Once downloaded you will still need a version of QuickTime's Player on your computer to actually play the movie.

Remember, all of these instructions were written with the software versions I mentioned. Since software changes faster then your underwear, some of these menus and settings will change also, but not so radically that you won't be able to figure them out once you learn the basics. If you have followed all the instructions above and are still having trouble viewing or downloading movies from my site, please e-mail me with the specific problem you are experiencing (*e-mail address is at my home site link below). Include the following information; the operating system you use, the browser type and version, the QuickTime version, and the modem and connection speed.

It may sound overly complicated, but once you learn all your options, it will seem real simple and you will find yourself helping others to enjoy online Movie viewing! Remember, the faster your connection the more you can enjoy.

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